Services for Partners

Why NPC?

Highly focused on personal relationships and trust!

As a specialized value-added distributor with more than 10 years of international experience, NPC offers to partners high-quality and extensive support.

  • NPC provides wide range of marketing activities and support, in-depth knowledge of EMEA region and large base of global customers, resulting in creation of new opportunities and potential revenue.
  • NPC provides a dedicated sales person in order to ensure personal relationship, high responsiveness, efficient cooperation and your business protection.
  • NPC helps you win projects by providing PoC support in terms of quickly deliverable demo units and on-site engineer support.
  • NPC helps you to handle all import & export procedures with ease and to deliver products in fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way.
  • NPC provides extensive and reliable engineering resources, which includes technical support, solution design, configuration and more.
  • NPC offers dedicated, high-quality trainings in large training facilities. This enables partners to quickly gain knowledge and understanding of new technologies, whilst not having to invest heavily.


Channel Management Training Support Project Management


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