Ixia - Anue Net Tool Optimizer (NTO) & ThreatARMOR

Ixia/Anue Net Tool Optimizer

Ixia´s Anue Net Tool Optimizer® (NTO) portfolio of network visibility solutions will revolutionize the way you monitor your network. The Ixia Anue portfolio of network monitoring switches, also known as network packet brokers, provides complete visibility into physical and virtual networks, improves network security and optimizes monitoring tool performance.


The Ixia Anue solutions provide complete visibility by intelligently connecting your data center or service provider network with monitoring tools to aggregate, filter, load balance and de-duplicate network traffic. Unlike other network packet brokers , the Ixia Anue network visibility products' patented filtering and de-duplication technology ensures each monitoring tool gets exactly the right data needed for analysis and it's powered by the easiest to use, drag-and-drop management interface in the industry. This improves the way you manage delivery of application services to your end users, saves valuable IT time and maximizes return on investment.


Ixia´s Network Visibility Architecture



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ThreatARMOR - Your New Front Line of Defense

With the evolution of Internet threat complexity and intensity, comes the rapidly increasing range of security technologies needed to secure the network. New layers have been added to the perimeter to deal with emerging threats, fortifying the existing firewalls and IPS/IDS systems with threat detection, malware inspection, content security, DLP, DDoS mitigation, and more—at increasing expense. Constant probes and automated attacks flood SIEMs and overwhelm security teams with false negatives and positives that must be tracked down.

ThreatARMOR™ establishes a new front line of defense in your network, removing threats from your network and improving your security ROI by eliminating unwanted traffic before it hits your existing security infrastructure. A single ThreatARMOR security appliance can be deployed on both the inside and outside of your perimeter, identifying infected internal systems and blocking communication with Botnet controllers while reducing inbound firewall loadfrom known bad sites andcountries you don’t do business with. Even encrypted connections from those sites are automatically banned.

ThreatARMOR doesn’t use signatures and there are no false positives. Any blocked sites are supported with clear on-screen proof of malicious activity such as malware distribution or phishing, including date of most recent confirmation and even screen shots. The site list is kept constantly up to date by Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center that individually validates every site and provides a cloud-based update every five minutes.

Since network availability is critical to your business, ThreatARMOR is built for resilient and failsafe operation. Features such as dual-redundant power supplies and Ethernet interfaces with built-in bypass modes ensure network availability on both the 1GbE copper and 10GbE fiber interfaces. The ThreatARMOR security appliance:
  • Reduces attack surface byeliminating traffic from unwanted geographies and known bad sites?
  • Blocks outbound Botnet communication from infected internal systems?
  • Improves the ROI and effectiveness of your security architecture

Network Test Solutions - Test with the Best

Today's networking environment is increasingly complex. Data center convergence, enterprise expansion, and new service deployments require you to combine many different technologies – including physical and virtualized devices – into a single network infrastructure. Such networks must handle massive amounts of traffic with critical applications over both point-to-point and multicast network strategies.

You need high-capacity network devices to route and switch huge amounts of traffic. Network equipment manufacturers must be positive that their equipment can not only handle the infrastructure needs of a complex network, but also expand easily – often to massive scales. Network service providers and enterprises must be able stress their infrastructure to see if they can handle the traffic volumes and deliver the highest quality of service.

To verify new service implementation, new device insertion, or network expansion, you must perform extensive pre-deployment testing to ensure current network function isn't compromised. This testing must be high capacity, and simulate network and applications over-subscription in order to stress network upgrades to their limits.

Ixia’s test solutions enable you to test and validate the scale and performance of networks, devices, and services – whether you’re an enterprise, service provider, or equipment manufacturer. Ixia’s customers benefit from faster time-to-market, optimized performance, and higher-quality deployments that allow their networks to deliver quality applications and services.

From the lab, to the network, to the cloud, Ixia test solutions provide you an end-to-end approach for organizations to validate prior to deployment, and assess the performance of network and data centers after upgrades or changes. Our goal is to enhance networks service delivery by providing comprehensive and easy-to-use test solutions that drive your business forward.


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