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To know your network is to know your business. Savvius builds software and hardware products for network and security professionals. Maintaining and troubleshooting networks requires great tools.

Savvius, Inc., a leader in packet-level network analytics and security forensics, enables network and security professionals to identify, understand, and respond to challenges in network performance and security. Savvius, formerly WildPackets, has sold products in more than 60 countries and all industrial sectors. Customers include Apple, Boeing, Cisco, Deutsche Telecom, Fidelity, Microsoft, Nationwide, and a high percentage of the Fortune 1000. Savvius is a Cisco Solution Partner.

Savvius's mission is to build those tools, and to apply the resulting networking expertise to cybersecurity investigations as well. Common to everything Savvius does is a focus on providing useful insight built on a deep understanding of networks from packets through applications.



Savvius products are essential for anyone responsible for networks or for investigating security events. From Omnipliance capture appliances that can ingest and store network traffic at up to 20 Gbps for monitoring, forensics, and troubleshooting, to Omnipliance WiFi for monitoring and troubleshooting WLANs, including 802.11ac networks with 100s of access points, to OmniPeek software, for understanding and investigating networks, Savvius has products for every network professional. Now, introducing Savvius Vigil for intelligently storing weeks and months of network packets useful to security investigations.


Application Performance
Response Time, Delay, Database Transactions per second, Server Response, Latency, ...
Network Monitoring
Peer Map, Top Conversations, Traffic Statistics, Dashboards, Alerts, Packet Decoding, ...
Network Forensics
24x7 comprehensive and flexible data collection with high-level analysis and graphical reports
Network Recording
Capturing Traffic from 1G, 10G and 40G
Virtual Network Analysis
Award-Winning Analysis and Troubleshooting


With our solutions, IT administrators can:

  • Rapidly resolve network issues in real-time, before they become major problems
  • Optimize network and application performance
  • Baseline the entire network to understand the impact of deploying new technologies, such as VoIP or video
  • Mitigate security threats
  • Improve overall end-user productivity


CIOs and Business Managers can:

  • Easily communicate service level compliance to the organization
  • Audit and track network activity for HR compliance violations
  • See the financial effect of new application deployments
  • Allocate IT Capital Expenditure budgets more efficiently
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Savvius Forensics
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The Most Powerful, Comprehensive Network Analyzer Anywhere

Network Analysis Software - Omnipeek OmniPeek Enterprise is Savvius’s flagship network analyzer. It combines all Savvius network analysis features in a single product. It’s both a stand-alone network analyzer for local captures and a console for analyzing traffic collected from multiple interfaces on multiple capture engines and Omnipliances. It’s an award-winning product that provides rich analytics and intuitive workflows for understanding networks and resolving problems faster than ever before.

Network Monitoring Appliance - Savvius Insight Savvius Insight is the newest and smallest addition to the Omnipliance family of network monitoring appliances. Savvius Insight has no moving parts, connects inline to the network with two bypass ports, and has three extra ports for span port captures.
With the advanced expert system and extensive array of other visual and interactive analysis features built into Savvius Insight, network professionals, IT consultants, and Splunk administrators are armed with the same caliber of tools for monitoring smaller networks that they are used to having for the datacenter with Omnipliances. And like the larger Omnipliances, Savvius Insight performs all capture and analysis locally, and does not require the packets be sent over the network. Savvius Insight also enhances Omnipliance deployments by providing more capture points to take advantage of the built-in Multi-Segment Analysis features of the Omnipliance.

Long-Term Packet Storage - Savvius Vigil Savvius Vigil is the first network appliance able to intelligently store months of packet-level information to enhance security investigations. With Savvius Vigil, packets related to a breach can be examined weeks or months after the incident occurs. This information is often vital to a full understanding of the threat.

Savvius Vigil integrates with your existing SIEM’s IDS/IPS capabilities to trigger storage of network packets. Savvius Vigil integrates events from multiple sources, including network conversations with specified IP addresses. Traffic between relevant nodes is captured before and after the triggered events. Optionally, all related traffic to and from an event’s IP addresses is captured as well.